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Il Regime dell'Arte - Il Premio Cremona 1939-1941.

Il Regime dell'Arte - Il Premio Cremona 1939-1941. Exhibition curated by Rodolfo Bona and Vittorio Sgarbi.

Il Regime dell'Arte - Il Premio Cremona 1939-1941. Exhibition curated by Rodolfo Bona and Vittorio Sgarbi.

Il Premio Cremona, wanted by  Roberto Farinacci, took place from 1939 to 1941 and was an artistic event of a national level, conceived with the intent to promote the affirmation of a painting politically engaged in the celebration of the Fascist regime.

The exposition, which also had an international breath thanks to the close relations of Farinacci with Nazi Germany and the city of Hannover, meant to be opposed to the freer painting proposed by the contemporary Premio Bergamo, supported by the minister of the national education Giuseppe Bottai.

The exhibition, also accompanied by photographs of the Fazioli archives that show the urbanistic transformations of Cremona during the years of the prize, will be divided into the sections corresponding to the themes fixed for each year of the competition: listening on the radio of a Discourse of the Duce and moods created by fascism and then the Battle of the Grain and the youth of the Littorio. It will be possible to see in Cremona works currently scattered among private collections and art galleries, of artists such as Luciano Ricchetti, Mario Biazzi, Giuseppe Moroni, Bruno Amadio, Carlo Martini, Cesare Maggi, Iginio Sartori, Domenico Mori and many others.

Some sixty works already traced, in addition to a section dedicated to Pietro Gaudenzi (triptych Il Grano and cartoons of Cielo del castello di Rodi) and a special itinerary dedicated to Antonio Rizzi.

The exhibition will make clear the reasons for the artistic policy of Farinacci and the figurative results of the exhibition, exposing a selection of the works presented during the three editions thereof, with a choice of paintings useful to understand the Transformation of the figurative language into the dialectic between naturalistic tradition, legacy of the avant-garde and metamorphosis of the twentieth century.

We will try in this way to give account of the main lines of artistic tendency that merged in the event Cremonese.

Date of exhibition:

from 21/09/2018 to 24/02/2019 from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-17:00 Monday: Closed

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