Meetings & Ceremonies

Its magic atmosphere makes it the perfect place to hold a meeting and to host ceremonies.

Relax & Elegance

The refined look along with the quiet and discrete location makes this Residence the perfect place to relax after a long day spent visiting cities of art in the neighbourhood, or to rest after a hard day at work.

Welcome to the Pilgrim's Hotel
A structure of incredible style and elegance, with superior finishes.

Half Marathon Cremona 2018

Run with us through the streets of the historic center of Cremona, among alleys, churches and historic buildings, and then go out to the charming countryside of Cremona, which will give you a fascinating view of the city skyline.

At the HMC - Half Marathon Cremona you will run through the streets of one of Italy's most beautiful art cities.

Now in its 17th edition, from 2016 there is a new and more exciting journey, with a first part that unfolds in an artistically priceless context and a second, faster and more panoramic part.

The goal is a scream: the arrival at the foot of the Torrazzo has no equal!


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